Eurocopter AS33

Country of origin

Medium lift utility helicopter

AS 332L - Two 1325kW (1755shp) Turboméca Makila turboshafts driving a four blade main rotor and five blade tail rotor. AS 332L2 - Two 1375kW (1845shp) takeoff rated Turboméca Makila 1A2 turboshafts.

AS 332L - Max cruising speed 277km/h (150kt). Max inclined rate of climb 1810ft/min. Hovering ceiling in ground effect 9840ft. Range 850km (635nm). AS 332L2 - High speed cruise 277km/h (150kt), economical cruising speed 252km/h (136kt). Rate of climb at 130km/h (70kt) 1447ft/min. Hovering ceiling out of ground effect 9380ft. Range with max fuel, economical cruising speed and no reserves 1490km (805nm), with standard fuel and same conditions 850km (460nm). Endurance 4hr 54min.

AS 332L - Empty 4370kg (9635lb), max takeoff 9000kg (19,840lb). AS 332L2 - Empty 4686kg (10,331lb), max takeoff 9300kg (20,502lb).

AS 332L - Main rotor diameter 15.08m (49ft 6in), length overall rotors turning 18.70m (61ft 4in), fuselage length 15.52m (50ft 11in), height overall 4.92m (16ft 1in). AS 332L2 - Main rotor diameter 16.20m (53ft 2in), length overall rotors turning 19.50m (63ft 11in), height overall 4.97m (16ft 4in). Main rotor disc area 206.1m2 (2218.7sq ft).

Flightcrew of one (VFR ops), or two (IFR ops) pilots. AS 332 seating for 17, AS 332L and AS 332L2 max seating for 24.

Military and civil orders for all variants of the Super Puma total more than 540.


  • AS 331 - Prototype.
  • AS 332A - Commercial pre-production version.
  • AS 332B - Military version.
  • AS 332B1 - First military version.
  • AS 332C - Production civil version.
  • AS 332C1 - Search and rescue version, equipped with a search radar and six stretchers.
  • AS 332F - Military anti-submarine and anti-ship version.
  • AS 332F1 - Naval version.
  • AS 332L - Civil version with uprated engines, a lengthened fuselage and more cabin space, plus increased fuel.
  • AS 332L1 - Stretched civil version, with a long fuselage and an airline interior.
  • AS 332L2 Super Puma Mk 2 - Civil transport version, fitted with Spheriflex rotor head and EFIS.
  • AS 332M - Military version of the AS 332L.
  • AS 332M1 - Stretched military version.
  • NAS 332 - Licensed version built by IPTN, now Indonesian Aerospace (PT. Dirgantara Indonesia).

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