The Boeing 707


Country of origin
United States of America

Medium to long range airliner and freighter

707-120B - Four 75.6kN (17,000lb) Pratt & Whitney JT3D-1 turbofans.
707-320B - Four 80kN (18,000lb) JT3D-3s or four 84.4kN (19,000lb) JT3D-7s.

707-120B - Max speed 1010km/h (545kt), max cruising speed 1000km/h (540kt), economical cruising speed 897km/h (484kt). Range with max payload 6820km (3680nm), range with max fuel 8485km (4580nm).
707-320B - Max speed 1009km/h (545kt), max cruising speed 974km/h (525kt), long range cruising speed 885km/h (478kt). Range with max passengers 6920km (3735nm), range with max fuel and 147 passengers 9265km (5000nm).

707-120B - Operating empty 55,589kg (122,533lb), max takeoff 116,575kg (257,000lb).
707-320B - Empty 66,406kg (146,400lb), max takeoff 151,315kg (333,600lb).

707-120B - Wing span 39.90m (130ft 10in), length 44.07m (144ft 6in), height 12.94m (42ft 5in). Wing area 226.3m2 (2433sq ft).
707-320B - Wing span 44.42m (145ft 9in), length 46.61m (152ft 11in), height 12.93m (42ft 5in). Wing area 283m2 (3050sq ft).

Flightcrew of three or four.
707-120 max seating for 179, or 110 in two classes (44 first and 66 economy).
707-320B - Max seating for 219, or 189 single class at 81cm (32in) pitch, or 147 in two classes.
Convertible or freighter versions - 13 A type containers.

Production of commercial 707s ended in 1978 after 878 had been built. Limited production of military variants continued until 1990. Approximately 130 remain in commercial service.

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