Airbus A330


The Airbus A330 is a large-capacity, wide-body, twin-engine, medium-to-long-range commercial passenger airliner. Built at Toulouse in France by Airbus, over 600 units have been delivered.

First flown in 1992 the A330 was developed at the same time as the four-engined Airbus A340 and shared common fuselage and wing components. The first variant (series 300) was delivered to Air Inter in 1994 and was followed by the slightly shorter series 200.[3] This has been followed by dedicated freighter variants.

A multi-role tanker and transport variant based on the series 200 has been developed as the Airbus A330 MRTT, this was further developed as the Northrop Grumman KC-45 which won a United States Air Force order which has since been cancelled.

Northwest Airlines A330-300Role Wide-body jet airliner
Manufacturer Airbus
First flight 2 November 1992
Introduced January 1994 with Air Inter
Primary users Northwest Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Qatar Airways
Number built 633 as of 31 August 2009 [1]
Unit cost A330-200: US$176.3 to $185.5m (2008)[2]
A330-300: $195.9 to $205.7m (2008)
A330-200F: $180.6 to $187.7m (2008)
Developed from Airbus A340
Variants Airbus A330 MRTT
Northrop Grumman KC-45

Model Date Engines
A330-201 2003 GE CF6-80E1A2
A330-202 1998 GE CF6-80E1A4
A330-203 2002 GE CF6-80E1A3
A330-223 1999 PW4168A
A330-243 2000 RR Trent 772B-60
A330-301 1993 GE CF6-80E1A2
A330-302 2007 GE CF6-80E1A4
A330-303 2007 GE CF6-80E1A3
A330-321 1999 PW4164
A330-322 1999 PW4168
A330-323 1999 PW4168B
A330-341 2000 RR Trent 768-60
A330-342 2000 RR Trent 772-60
A330-343 2000 RR Trent 772B-60

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