Airbus A300-600ST Super Transporter


Country of origin
European consortium

Oversize cargo freighter

Two 262.4kN (59,000lb) class General Electric CF6-80C2A8 turbofans.

Max cruising speed 780km/h (421kt). Range with a 40 tonne payload 2400km (1295nm), range with a 30 tonne (66,150lb) payload 4000km (2160nm).

Max payload 47 tonnes (103,615lb), max takeoff 155,000kg (341,700lb).

Wing span 44.84m (147ft 0in), length 56.16m (184ft 3in), height 17.23m (56ft 6in). Wing area 260m2 (2798.7sq ft). Internal useable length 37.70m (123ft 8in), diameter 7.40m (24ft 3in).

The A300-600ST's max payload of 47 tonnes (103,615lb) is unlikely to be fully utilised, as the emphasis of the design is on volume rather than payload. The internal main cabin volume is 1400m3 (49,442cu ft), and can carry a range of oversize components, such as a fully equipped A330 or A340 wing shipset, or two A320/321 wing shipsets, or two A310 fuselage sections (front & rear).

Airbus has taken delivery of its four A300-600STs originally on order and has converted an option on a fifth to a firm order.

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